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Eurogamer preview
Written by Unknown on 23.05.2007 Time 08:38

This time Eurogamer.net had the chance to conduct an interview with Robin Walker. What they heard was not only old stuff.

For one thing Walker talks about the versatileness of each control point in the new maps. We will see bridges, fights in an area that looks like a satelite dish, a half open space half interior control point and so on.
[quote]Robin Walker: They're all completely unique. One's got a large open water area, with bridges. One has a height advantage. This one's all an internal area. This one's like a big satellite and you're fighting inside the dish. This one's half interior half open space. And the way that these connect are all really different too. Here's got a bunch of winding vents, this one has one path through, this one has multiple canyons of high and low. That of course means that if a game can't be resolved in one area, if we switch to this one it has a higher chance of happening because there's a dramatic change in space.[/quote]
Furthermore there is a significant change about the spy: In TF2 all teammembers of the spy can see the disguised (as an enemy) spy as a normal spy with a mask. So it should be easier for him to leave at least his own base without being attacked by his own teammembers.

[quote]Robin Walker: As I said, if we're on the same team and you're disguised, I still see you as a Spy because it's confusing if you look like an enemy. Our earliest versions, we put an icon above your head to show that you're disguised as a Heavy or something, and what we found is that if you solve all your interface problems that way, you start looking at the icons above everyone's heads instead of the characters, and so what we did instead is we put the mask on the guy and it's much more interesting and solves the same problem.[/quote]


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