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We are back!
Written by Unknown on 08.06.2007 Time 18:54

After many days of bugfixes, optimizations and adjustments TeamFortress2.de is back online.

What's new?

  • At first sight it's noticeable that we changed the outfit of TeamFortress2.de. We completely redesigned the website and thats version 5.0 now. That means, we left the military look.
  • We extended TeamFortress2.de with the english language. We would like to inform our english speaking visitors too and hope to reach more fans with our service. You can change the language if you click on one of the flags in the left upper corner.
  • Many bugs of our old code which we include into the news site are fixed now. That will improve the quality of your visit at TeamFortress2.de.
  • Now you can reach us over different domains. Choose which you want to use. www.teamfortress2.de | www.tfortress2.de | www.tf-2.de | www.tfportal.de | www.steamcommunity.de.
  • In the future we will include some new internal and external features. On the one hand that will make our life a bit easier if we are reporting on the other hand it will improve our service.

    We really hope that you enjoy the new look of TeamFortress2.de and that you still come to us to find all informations about Team Fortress 2.

    A giant thanks to Lob, who spent his weekends with the optimization of the code. To Marc and Kai for the translations and supply of the content.

    The rest of the content will translate soon... so don't worry, we won't forget our english speaking visitors :)

    Thank you very much!
    Your TeamFortress2.de team


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