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Written by Unknown on 18.06.2007 Time 23:32

Meanwhile the internet is full of Team Fortress 2 previews. Unfortunately good previews aren't found often. Over at Shacknews you will find a very much succeeded preview now. The author describes the individual abilities and differences of the classes with very beautiful examples.

The author continues with the ideas and conceptions of valve. Valve revised all Team Fortress 2 elements again and again. The player should get the feeling, that his class choice is an important decision and can strongly effect what happen in the game.

Strengths and weaknesses of the classes are produced by the pronounced abilities, which affects the game. For example, the Pyros weapon arsenal is laid out for close combat. By his higher speed he reach his opponent comes quite simply. So he can easily use his flamethrower to kill his enemy.

Naturally the Medic, the class with the most intensive changes may not be missing. While beaming health, the Medic is slowly building up progress on a secondary meter. Upon filling that meter, the Medic can unleash ten seconds of invulnerability for himself and his partner. Thats what Robin Walker and Co. wants. Boosting the teamplay.

Further information about the classes, the abilities, the maps and the technique of Team Fortress 2 you will find preview on Shacknews!


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