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Looking for Beta Testers and lots of more
Written by Unknown on 20.07.2007 Time 19:42

It's been quiet around Fortress Forever, but the team was working hard behind closed doors to enhance Fortress Forever. Now the beta phase has begun! The FF-staff would like to find people, including those unfamiliar with TFC or FF to serve as members on the beta team. If you want to have your chance to be part of the beta-team, there are several requirements. Playing is not enough. Active players are needed to help to push Fortress Forever forward!

The requirements you need:
  • Detailed report on first impressions of the mod and gameplay
  • Helping other beta testers with problems in IRC / forums
  • Updating bug reports and providing detailed feedback about bug reproduction
  • Helping out community mappers test maps
  • Help organise testing groups
  • Any other talents you can contribute

Above all, the ability to constructively communicate is a must.

Remember to register on the forums if you have not before sending the application. You will need this valid forum name and a half-life 2 / hl2 deathmatch steam ID to be considered.
The format to send your application to fortressforeverbeta@gmail.com is as follows:

SUBJECT: Fortress Forever Beta Tester: *forum nickname* *steamid*

Fortress Forever Beta Tester: AfterShock steam:0:1:2423

Halflife and Halflife2 gaming history (mods etc):
Ingame Alias:
Previous testing experience:
Current commitments (job / school etc):
Hours available per week:
Computer spec (cpu / gfx / ram):

Why would you make a good beta tester? (no more than 250 words)

Now we come to the "more" exciting part of the headline. The team has done a lot of work in the last 2 months. Here of some of the many changes since the last update:

  • 6 gigantic bugs were squashed among others, no more game breaking bugs, hugely important
  • Lower body animations redone (run/strafe in all directions)
  • Hint prioritization, entire hint system is implemented
  • Cloak effects for dx9
  • On the hud: Fortress points, teamscores, flaginfo without having to goto the scoreboard
  • Lod for all player models in
  • New fully completed map: ff_monkey

The last item of the previous list brings us to the beautiful 6 new pictures now. FF_Monkey, some people knows it maybe as monkey_l from TFC, was inserted to the beta.

More screenshots of ff_monkey can be found in the FF gallery.

In the end we would like to present you the to-do-list of the Fortress Forever team.

  • Lag optimization, which is where the follow-up news post comes in.
  • Upper body animations for all weapons/runs/idles redone, we've already seen some previews of DK's latest work and it looks promising.
  • Miscellaneous art fixups
  • Weapon alignment
  • Training


fforever - ff_23_impact01.jpg - thumbnail fforever - ff_23_impact02.jpg - thumbnail fforever - ff_23_impact03.jpg - thumbnail
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