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Best PC Game Award for Orange Box
Written by Unknown on 20.07.2007 Time 20:37

During the last days, Gametrailers.com drew the attention by their extensive online reporting of the E3 2007 to itself. Now they had crown their personal E3 favorites with the Best of E3 Awards.

"Polish that crowbar, the world is waiting".
These were the words of the speaker as he presented Half-Life 2: Orange box as "Best of all PC Game Award" winner.

The action hit of valve was nominated in 3 different categories, "Best Online Game", "Best First Person Shooter" and "Best PC Game". The awards for "Best Online Game" was won by the PS3-Game Littlebigplanet and the awards for the "Best First Person Shooter" and "Best Graphics" went to Call of Duty 4.
No matter, the orange box is a great packet for customers and therefore valve deserved the Award.

Get the video here.


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