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Steam Community: Many Bugs fixed
Written by Unknown on 10.08.2007 Time 17:02

On tuesday (we reported) about the start of the Steam Community beta. Now its important to find and fix all bugs. Till now valve did a great job and they released a lot of Steam Community updates.


    Thursday, August 9th
  • Fixed an overlay crash when DEP is enabled
  • Fixed overlay mouse clicks not registering in some games
  • Fixed installing service on non-English Vista systems

    Wednesday, August 8th
  • Fixed an overlay bug using the filesize of a tga file in place of the size in bytes of the RGBA texture data
  • Changed refreshing of friends list / chat users list to be significantly faster
  • Changed shortcuts.dat to live in the config folder, along with the other user config files
  • Fixed tooltips being broken in file open dialog
  • Changed friends/chat lists to always rebuild on a relationship change
  • Changed chat user list to not rebuild on voice use start/stop
  • Changed removing a friend on the client to not force their persona state to offline, since the removed user may still be seen in a group
  • Added maximize functionality to all resizable windows, currently only accessed as double-clicking on the titlebar

    Tuesday, August 7th
  • Added additional overlay support in games
  • Fixed chat names & avatars not always being displayed in clan avatars
  • Fixed taskbar entry flashing for chat dialogs increasing in speed the more messages they've missed
  • Fixed audio icons in multi-user chat not scrolling with the list of friends
  • Changed online/ingame notifications to only appear for immediate friends, not group peers, chat members, or users in game
  • Cleaned up spacing on multi-user chat title
  • Fixed crash exiting game when chat dialogs were open


Even if the system runs at the moment solidly, not all bugs have been removed. Furthermore Valve builds on your bug reports and help.

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