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TF2-Techdemo: Whats behind the TF2-Look?
Written by Unknown on 14.08.2007 Time 12:31

In eight days TFPortal.de is going to travel to Leipzig to meet the representatives of Valve and to take an extensive test on the Oragen Box titles. Of course we'll bring along the information and pictures. Promised!

With Team Fortress 2 and its comic-strip style, Valve is using a quite unusual technique. Though you can't turn away from the hype that surrounds TF2. During the NPAR (Non-Photorealistic Animation and Rendering) in 2007 a techdemo of Team Fortress 2 was presented which showed the graphical arrangement. Beside new scenes from Team Fortress 2, the technical and artistic decisions of the developers are explained.

Whoever wants to know the answer to the question in the title of this news report can download the video (75 MB) from our server. It's definitely recommended that you take a look at this 3:35 minute feature.

Our colleagues and partners of the HL-Portal put a nice overview of the particular levels of which the illumination of a model is composed on their site.


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