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Meet The Soldier & Games Convention
Written by Unknown on 19.08.2007 Time 19:42

If you took a look into our Team Fortress 2 gallery the day before yesterday then you already saw four new pictures. Because of time issues the news report about them is written today.

With the publishing of the "Meet The Heavy" video Valve presented the succeeded model and face animations. This little movie was only the start of a series of videos. In the last Steam Update News Valve reports about their participation of the GamesCon and the continuation of the series that was mentioned above. After ‘Meet the Heavy’ Valve now presents us the Soldier. Here are four pictures out of the ‘Meet the Soldier’ video to bridge over the waiting time:

Soldier - Meet The Soldier Video Soldier - Meet The Soldier Video
Soldier - Meet The Soldier Video Soldier - Meet The Soldier Video

Of course we will inform you about Valve’s activities on the Games Convention. TFPortal is going to report about the GC 2007 from wednesday until friday.

And finally, a download for tech-freaks. If you’re especially interested in the graphics of TF2 then you should take a look at the "Illustrative Rendering" document from Valve.


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