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Steam with Peer-to-Peer-functions
Written by Unknown on 23.08.2007 Time 00:25

Since the Steam-Community-Beta the p2pcore.dll and p2pvoice.dll files are to be found in the steam/bin folder and a lot of people thought this was because of the added voice communication. Now it seems clear that even more is planned. After all, the inventor of BitTorrent, Bram Cohen, was already employed at Valve in the starting phase of steam.
Files which are downloaded by the user could be uploaded again through the peer-to-peer network in the future. On one hand this could relieve the servers but on the other hand this could also be used to share videos of forthcoming mods more easily.

Of course this is all speculation but thanks to steamreview.org there are a few clues which hint at that these visions could come true soon. With help of the VGUI-Editor (Ctrl+Alt+Shift+B), which is integrated into steam, you can see several functions in the preferences/downloads window. Various P2P-functions which you can adjust just like in known filesharing programs: destination folder, upload speed, upload size. How this would look is shown in the following screenshot:

Steam Filesharing Screenshot

We will have to wait and see to which extent Valve is going to integrate the new peer-to-peer functions. One thing is for sure though: It’s going to help us, the users, in any case. Speed-bottlenecks can be compensated in a better way or new platforms for presenting, for example, videos will develop.


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