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First Impressions
Written by Unknown on 24.08.2007 Time 01:19

Two days have passed and the Games Convention is in full progress. Unfortunately our laptop didn’t work, that’s the reason why we didn’t write anything earlier. The TFPortal-Team is back home again and sorts their gathered impressions.

Team Fortress 2 was tested by us thoroughly. We could test both, the XBox 360- and the PC-version. TF2 is played very good. Our enthusiasm was huge and we could have kept on testing longer. We’ll publish more about that in a special feature on this site.

The pictures from the GamesCon will follow in a few hours. Further on, we will write a few lines and reviews about other games that were presented on the convention. Some sort of TFPortal-Award.

Apart from the pictures we will publish several videos, recordings of our TF2-testing. There will be some nice shovel-action of the soldier.

We already uploaded 14 screenshots of Team Fortress 2. We don’t want to put you on the rack any longer. If you come back to this site later this friday you will be able to see the rest.


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