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Birthday of Valve and new TF2 GC Video online
Written by Unknown on 26.08.2007 Time 01:16

A story of success started in August 1996. The inventors of Half-Life founded Valve. Since then a lot of gamers are delighted with their games. With Half-Life, Half-Life 2, Team Fortress Classic, Counter-Strike 1.6, Counter-Strike Source and many others, Valve counts as one of the most successful developers in the gaming-industry.

The most important milestones of Valve were put together by our colleagues of HLPortal.de in a summary.

We received very positive feedback for the two videos about the Games Convention although they were both recorded in a poor quality and we are proud to present you another video. Thanks to Norris from the community you can watch an introduction to the map tf2_well. Every player can, if needed, take a little tour around any of the Team Fortress 2 maps and listen to several explanations. In these videos the type of the map, the winning conditions and the method on how to fulfill the conditions are explained.

Please excuse the wobbling at the end of this one-minute video.


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