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Games Convention, the Award goes to...
Written by Unknown on 29.08.2007 Time 21:07

At the Games Convention we had the opportunity to test Team Fortress 2. But that wasn’t all we were doing there. A lot of companies presented their games in the numerous trade-show booths.

In this news report we want to present you some other promising games and we’ll award them with the TFPortal-Award.

Whoever thinks that live just consists of TF2 has been deceived.

The TFPortal-Award goes to...

Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games:
Designed for the Wii and Nintendo DS, this game (produced by Sega) convinced us because of the controlling, graphics and the game-idea ( Mario & Sonic united in one game ) and was standing out against other Wii titles. The GC-Jury thought the same and decorated these two videogame-veterans with the GC-Award 2007.

Medal of Honor: Airborne:
A lot of gamers think that the 2nd World War-theme is already beaten to death. Electronic Arts tries to bring some fresh air to us with MoH:Airborne. The main attributes of this new MoH-part, on which the developers directed their attention, are emotions and the freely configurable game-plot. Only a few pre-defined scripts are leading through the game. Every player decides individually where he wants to land with his parachute or in which battle he wants to take part. The sequence of the mission-objectives can be chosen as desired.

Pro Evolution Soccer 2008:
For a long time now the Fifa-equivalents to Konami’s Pro Evolution Soccer don’t reach the same standards especially if you take a look at the realism. Because of dives, reinforcements of the defensive wall or pulling the opponent’s jersey the game is going to be even more realistic. Release date will be the 31st of October for PC and consoles. A complete online-support – including leagues and rankings – rounds off the whole package. This year PES 2008 was able to collect two GC-Awards and dominated the Best of GC-Awards event.

World in Conflict:
World in Conflict already caused a sensation on last year’s GamesCon. This year the amount of computers on which the visitors could test WiC was increased from 16 to 50 (maybe even more). This strategy game is developed by Massive, the inventors of Ground Control.
A lot of action and multiplayer-skirmishes are preprogrammed and will merge you with the scenarios. The demo is already downloadable, the full version will arrive on the 21st of September.

Some other games you should take a look at:

  • Crysis
  • Tony Hawk Proving Grounds (only for consoles)
  • Warhammer Online


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