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Orange Box Release Dates
Written by Unknown on 04.09.2007 Time 18:43

A lot of you will have marked the 12th of October on their calendar. Unfortunately Valve and EA announced that they are going to delay the release of the Orange Box by one week to the 18th of October. They didn’t say though why they are doing this.

  • Steam-Release worldwide: October 10th 2007, at 09:01am

  • The steam release will take place worldwide on the 10th of October. The only possibility to be one of the first. Just like in the other pre-release-stages the Orange Box content will get a preload-phase. How Valve is going to proceed is not clear yet.

  • PC-Retail: Orange Box-Release Germany: October 18th 2007

  • The retail version’s release date got delayed from the 12th to the 18th of October. Electronic Arts announced this afew days ago. The release in north-america is still scheduled for October 12th.

  • XBox360: Orange Box-Release Germany: October 18th 2007

  • The XBox360 version is going to be available on the same date as the PC-Version.

  • Playstation3: Orange Box-Release Germany: November 22nd 2007

  • Playstation 3 gamers will have to wait a little longer. The PS3 version, developed by a british EA studio, is expected to be available in Germany on November 22nd. What a pity, because they were planning to release the version for each platform on the same date.

We can only hope that this is the last adjustment to the release date. Team Fortress 2 is coming, and no TF2-never-comes-out-expert can say differently. Well we’ll see on the 18th of October at the latest.


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