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Release in September
Written by Unknown on 06.09.2007 Time 09:57

Finally we can tell you that in september Fortress Forever will be published. One of the main goals of the developers was that FF will be released before Team Fortress 2.

Fortress Forever Logo
Fortress Forever - Map - ff_monkeyFortress Forever - Map - ff_rock2

There is no definite release date as of yet though. The Fortress Forever team doesn’t want to create any pressure that could lead to unnecessary bugs in the code. Fortress Forever orientates itself a lot towards Team Fortress Classic. You won’t find most of the notorious bugs of TFC anymore. Beginners will find it way easier to explore the complex world of Fortress Forever. The classes have been reworked and are now more balanced.
  • 10 Maps
  • 6 different Gamemods
  • 9 classes

Nobody can really estimate how long it’s going to take until the game is released. Since the FF-team operates very professional and conscientious we should expect the release late this month.


fforever - ff_23_impact01.jpg - thumbnail fforever - ff_23_impact02.jpg - thumbnail fforever - ff_23_impact03.jpg - thumbnail
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