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New Gameplaymovie
Written by Unknown on 06.09.2007 Time 11:35

Animated pictures always offer the best impressions of a game. Another video about Team Fortress 2 appeared just now. The colleagues from GameVideos.com uploaded their high quality video-clip.

The video contains some action scenes out of the first person perspective of the Soldier, Sniper, Medic, Spy and Engineer. The whole clip is around two minutes long and can be watched via stream.

It was recorded on the dustbowl map, which should be known already by TFC-players. Dustbowl is an attack and defend map, on which the attacking team needs to capture three corridors.

At this point we would like to refer to our Games Convention Videos in our download area. So far our videos generated 3500 hits and a lot of positive feedback.


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