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Fortress Forever - Release Date & PHL-Preview
Written by Unknown on 11.09.2007 Time 13:08

The official release date of Fortress Forever is the 17th of September.

Apart from this announcement we got some impressions for you which are hosted by planethalflife.

Also we don’t want to withhold the newest screenshots. If you give credit to the game tester then you can say the following about Fortress Forever:

- There are way more possibilities to adjust your settings than the common gamer is used to. For example, there are numerous crosshairs available.
- The user interface can be configured individually.
- Fortress Forever is supposed to be easy to learn for beginners because of various help functions.
- Supposedly there are going to be huge differences between TFC and TF2 – so it's a totally different game which isn’t even played like a MOD

Additionally we want to present you two more videos:

Video 1
Video 2

Now all we have to do is to wait six more days. Maybe a peek in our FF-Gallery can help you with this.


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