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Almost 20 minutes video material
Written by Unknown on 11.09.2007 Time 17:49

If there is nothing interesting on television: We can help you!
Fortunately there are almost 20 minutes ingame material on gamevideos.com. For the first time you can enjoy pure gameplay with real soundeffects and no background noises.

Some of you may recognize a few scenes from older videos. But this time there are no cuts any you have the chance to see people waiting on dustbowl until the gates open. We also want to point out that the completly new female announcer is present quite often in this videos. We hope you enjoy how the spy destructs a sentrygun and how several characters show their taunts.

(mainly) Sniper:

Video 1


Video 2

(mainly) Soldier und Engineer:

Video 3

(mainly) Spy:

Video 4

We thank gamevideos.com for the good quality.


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