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Orange Box Pre-Purchase and TF2-Beta
Written by Unknown on 11.09.2007 Time 20:01

Today Valve announced that it is possible to preload the Orange Box via Steam. Costs: 44.95 $ for Half-Life2, Episode One, Episode Two, Portal and Team Fortress 2.

But now the surprising part: All preloaders have the possibility to play a Team Fortress 2 BETA from the 17th of Semptember on. So you have the chance to put the game through its paces. You will also get 10% rebate and a copy of Peggle Extreme, a popular Popcap game.

Unfortunately there is no standalone version of Team Fortress 2 for preloading. You have to buy the whole package if you want to play the beta.

So if you want to play the game almost one month before its release, you need a creditcard or a paypal account. Then click onthis link.

So fans of Fortress Forever can play the game on the 17.09.07 and TF2 fans can also play the TF2 BETA on the same date too. Stay tuned for more info soon!


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