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Rumors about earlier release *update*
Written by Unknown on 12.09.2007 Time 20:16

Yesterday was a historical day for Team Fortress. But first, a little introduction. It took a long time until a successor to Team Fortress Classic appeared on the horizon. Of course the developers worked continuously on Team Fortress 2, but we weren’t told about it until last year.

Fortress Forever, which was mainly developed by TFC veterans, has been in the making since 2003. We could follow the progress especially since the official website was launched in 2005.

On September 11th the release date of Fortress Forever (September 17th) was announced One day later we received the amazing news that the Team Fortress 2 Beta is going to come out on the same day as Fortress Forever if you have preordered the Orange Box.

Now the discussions started. Will Valve really go that far and release the TF2-Beta on the release day of Fortress Forever? That was hard to believe if you take a look at the 13 million subscribers.

The FF-team is definitely not delighted by this contemporaneous release. Rumors say that Fortress Forever will be released tomorrow already, on Thursday the 13th of September. Of course nobody wanted to confirm this information.

Well, we can definatily tell you the list of maps with which Fortress Forever will start:
  • Cz2
  • Well
  • 2Morforever
  • Aardvark
  • Shutdown2
  • Cornfield
  • Dustbowl
  • Hunted
  • Push
  • Monkey
  • Crossover
  • DM

The size of version 1.0 will be around 550 MB.

Although not done intentionally, Valve caused a lot of movement in the net with the Team Fortress 2 Beta. If we can find out some more details the we will of course inform you immediately.


OzFortress.com reports that Fortress Forever could be released upcoming saturday. More rumors!

They're attempting to release the game by saturday 15th (our time) i'm guessing around 10:30 aest (which works out to 8:30? central american time)


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