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ESL starts Team Fortress 2 section
Written by Unknown on 13.09.2007 Time 11:46

Where would a game be without its community. It would definitely not live very long. To avoid this, leagues are created to play together with other players in clans.

In the last few years the Electronic Sports League with its 700.000 users became europe’s biggest e-sports platform. ESL offers several ladder and leagues for various games.

The days until the release of Team Fortress 2 can be counted down on one hand. That’s reason enough for the ESL to start their Team Fortress 2 Section already. ESL confirmed that they will support Team Fortress 2 with the following statement which was made yesterday:

The Electronic Sports League is of course going to support this online-gaming pearl from the first day!

But that’s not all. ESL is going to offer additional support. Ladders, Beta-Cups, leagues, gather system are in the planning. How they are going to implement this will be announced in the next days and weeks.


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