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Version 1.0 released
Written by Unknown on 13.09.2007 Time 19:56

Rumors about this were spreading fast in the last few days. Now it stands firm – Fortress Forever has been released. The reason for this anticipated release is the upcoming Team Fortress 2 Beta. If they would have cleaved to release the game on the 17th of September, the player would have to choose between two TF-games. The FF-Team spent the last two days and nights (!!!) with completing version 1.0. In this cloak and dagger operation they eliminated a lot of bugs. As reported before, the download of Fortress Forever 1.0 will be around 550 MB big. Version 1.0 will include ten maps, the nine classes already known from TFC and several improvements.

Mirrors - Client:

If you want to provide a server, you can download the server files from the following links. The Linux-server version will follow as soon as possible.


Unfortunately we don’t have our FF-section online yet. We will provide some content for this in the next days. In this sense, we want to thank the FF-Team for the good cooperation and the many little infos which were provided to us. Additional Mirrors will be added by us continually.


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