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Steam Community released - Source Engine Update
Written by Unknown on 14.09.2007 Time 11:02

After quite a few weeks and various updates Valve took the Steam Community out of the Beta-Phase and opened it up for all Steam-subscribers. Now more than 13 million users can join together in individual groups.

For all of you who didn’t take part in the Beta, here’s a short overview of the new Steam Community (thx to HLPortal.de):

  • Overhauled chat-system. You can chat with several friends simultaneously, you can have your own chatroom and you can use a microphone to talk to people.
  • The Steam overlay enables the Friends-function for all games, even third-party-games which are not developed by Valve. You can enable this function by a key combination (standard: Shift + Tab).
  • You will find a new tab next to the ‘My Games’ tab: the Community-Function. You can create your own profile here, upload an avatar, join a group and much more.
  • Groups. Everybody is allowed to found or join groups. The Half-Life Portal has a community-group too, of course: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/TFPortal
  • Games that are not supported by Steam can be integrated, so you can start them via Steam. But you can’t just only start all your games centrally, you will also profit from the Steam-Overlay. For example, you can, while playing World of Warcraft, chat with your Steam-friends.
  • Additionally you can select the language for each game individually in the game options. For example, you can set the language of Half-Life 2 to German, but you can play CS:S in english.

So far the TFPortal Group consists of 44 members. You are more than welcome to join and discuss hot topics in the chat or to play some intense skirmishes on various Team Fortress 2 servers from Monday on.

Finally, some information concerning the last update of the Source Engine. Several bugs were found and fixed incidently. Mainly HL2-Deathmatch and Counter Strike Source are affected by this.


  • Fixed custom level sound lists under sv_pure
  • Fixed occasional scrunched-up columns in the serverbrowser
  • Fixed various memory leaks
  • Fixed a Half-Life 2: Deathmatch bug where a spectator could freeze a live player when mp_forcerespawn was 0
  • Fixed master server queries being truncated if too many players with long names
  • Fixed a Half-Life 2: Deathmatch bug where if you +used a weapon it would not respawn anymore
  • Fixed a Counter-Strike: Source smoke grenade exploit
  • Added a way for server plugins to ask players if they'd like to connect to a different server
  • Made materials handle sv_pure correctly when they've included other materials
  • li>Fixed Windows dedicated server bug slowing down Steam updates
  • Fixed certain models showing up all white when sv_pure flushed them
  • Made the server print a client's steam ID and show sv_pure warnings if sv_pure_kick_clients is 0
  • Fixed a Linux-only crash when loading certain custom maps
  • Fixed a bug preventing sv_pure CRCs from verifying correctly on certain custom maps


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