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Ready for ESL-TF2-Ladder?
Written by Unknown on 14.09.2007 Time 14:27

Whoever can answer this question with "yes" should register his team at the Electronic Sports League for the TF2-Beta-Ladder.

Ladder (translated)
The first Ladder has been created and you can enter with your team. There are no rules yet and nobody knows how many players a team may contain. That's why you should join us with your team even if you don't have enough members or if you are incertain.
Link to the Ladder[/quote]

Besides the Ladder there are also TF2-Gathers available soon.

ESL Gather (translated)
As soon as the first servers are up and the Beta is launched we recommend the ESL Gather warmly to you. It is perfect for those who don't want to be annoyed by noobs on public servers but also don't want to play earnest clanwars. Someone may find players for his clan too.
Link to the TF2-Gather[/quote]

Those who always wanted to accept responsibility as an admin and who think have enough time and interest for this position: Apply for a TF2-Admin position at the ESL.

[quote]Admins (translated)
We are looking for admins for our TF2 area! If you are interested in helping the comunity and in being an admin for one of the TF2 competition, notify us! We need everything: a conciliator, forum moderator, gather admins, news author.

Apply for TF2 admin[/quote]


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