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The waiting has an end
Written by Unknown on 17.09.2007 Time 08:53

Today on the 17th of september a big desire of many fans, gamers and pc-freaks will be fullfilled. In a few hours you can play Team Fortress 2 on your own computer, but only if you pre-purchased the Orange Box on steam.

On the 1st of february in 1999 we launched TFortress2.de in the Gamez.de Network. Nearly eight and a half years later we will be able to play Team Fortress 2. Amazing!!!

Demo & PyroDemo & Soldier Heavy & Scout
Engineer mit Sentry GunSpy, Sniper und Medic in Action

Now we only need to wait for the realease of the TF2-Beta. If you would like to wait with other TF2-Fans, feel free to visit our Quakenetchannel #teamfortress2 in the IRC.

A member of halflife2.net asked for the release time.

DigiQ8: So we in the HL2net steam channel are wondering, when you guys gonna unlock TF2? What time exactly?

Greg: Late in the day. We're not saying an exact time, unfortunately.

DigiQ8: So no 12AM release?

Greg: No - late in the day.


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