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Written by Unknown on 18.09.2007 Time 23:16

Team Fortress 2 has been playable for approximately 13 hours. After a delayed release and some starting problems there are around 10.000 gamers on 1.300 servers simultaneously, according to Steam-Stats

The first experiences with Team Fortress 2 seem to be mostly positive as per the comments in our IRC-channel. A lot of players think that the gameplay turned out well and you can hear from one or another that the waiting time was worthwhile. Even the first favourite classes are already definite for some players.

Of course there are also drawbacks. Several players reported that they have problems to get the Beta running. If you have such problems then please write them down in the comments-section and we will try to help you or we’ll forward the info to Valve.

You’re welcome to post any opinions you have about the game in the comments.


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