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Linux Dedicated Server and Bugfixing
Written by Unknown on 21.09.2007 Time 10:42

After the release of Team Fortress 2, Valve is busy fixing the last bugs in the game with your help. The users mainly suffer from game-crashes..

A first update was published to raise the performance and stability which also included the Linux-Decicated-Server. Here’s the changelog to give you an outline of the changes:
  • Linux Dedicated Server beta release
  • Fixed not being able to issue rcon commands with empty strings like: rcon sv_password
  • Fixed refresh rate video mode issue
  • Fixed crash on opening the scoreboard after having changed between windowed and fullscreen
  • Fixed a hitch problem related to mouse updates happening too frequently
  • Fixed sentry muzzleflashes not drawing unless sentry was near the map origin
  • Fixed a crash during loading while starting the game in fullscreen mode
  • Disabled the loading of background maps
  • Exploit fix related to "join_team"
You can see that a lot of the problems that caused the crashes were fixed. Valve is going to keep on fixing the bugs until the final release of version 1.0. After all, this is still a beta.

We will present you some new in-game-screenshots soon. You can already take a first look at the TF2-Map-Section, further infos will follow.

Besides that TFC-Fans have access to 128 Custom Maps in our download section. Thanks to Chrizz, our new co-worker, who made the effort of uploading them all and welcome to the team.


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