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Are German players handicapped?
Written by Unknown on 22.09.2007 Time 10:45

The ongoing discussions about the censorship of the German version of Team Fortress 2, which among other place take place in our news comments, have come to another level:

In the Steampowered Forums a player feels handicapped due to the missing blood leaving him without a hit indicator for his shots - he never knows whether he hit his opponents or not.

[quote]When you hit an enemy you get (most times) a little blood splash that indicates you did hit the enemy and helps you to estimate how much health he got left AND also is helpfull to improve your aiming. In the german version there is no such hit detection! I never know if I did hit an enemy, except critical hits.[/quote]

As a solution he proposes "stars" similar to those being shown in comics when someone is punched.

[quote]So it would be very helpfull if you (Valve) could include something similar do the blood splashes. I could think of these stars which are used in comic-strips to indicate a punsh. Comic readers know what I am talking about. Just something that gives us german players a hit indication and fits to the comic style of the game.[/quote]

By now, his proposal has received some popularity, even players who can play the uncut version of TF2 agree with his wish for an even playing field.

[quote]Despite not being German, I appreciate the need for a level playing field!
Stars would be a great idea and match the game nicely. I don't have the German version but this definitely should be fixed for you guys.[/quote]

TFPortal.de would like to appeal to you to take part in the regarding Thread, to state your opinion on that matter. You can also vote for the thread ("Rate this thread -> Excellent") to show your appreciation with the topic.

We also want to know what you think about the missing blood in the German version. Is it a real handycap? Vote in our polls or:
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