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Need a Gameserver?
Written by Unknown on 23.09.2007 Time 10:12

The first Gathers are running, the first teams and squads are founded. Team Fortress 2 creates new friendships. In our IRC-channel #teamfortress2 and on TFPortal.de the gamers meet to blab, discuss, play or to help each other with problems.

Now all that’s missing is an own Team Fortress 2 server for match preparation or for training.

We want to call your attention to an offer from Clanserver4u.

[quote]”Suspense, action, tactics. These are the three big words which characterize Team Fortress 2. Whereas the last one is the main component of the game. Photo-realistic graphics, a sophisticated gameplay and realism are already quickening the pulse of the players. But Team Fortress 2 offers more.”

You can order the OrangeBox (including Team Fortress 2) as of October 18th. Here’s an offer from us to all those who have preordered the Beta of Team Fortress 2!

8 on 8 (16 Slots) 27,- €
9 on 9 (18 Slots) 31,- €
10 on 10 (20 Slots) 35,- €
11 on 11 (22 Slots) 39,- €

All of the other server-models, e.g. the 12-slot-server are available for order too.

It doesn’t matter to us if you use them as public or passworded servers.

  • 1x Teamspeak2-Server with the same amount of slots as the gameserver
  • Bouncer with the same amount of slots as the gameserver (Quakenet)
  • 1x Webspace 1.000MB inkcl. PHP, mySQL, CGI and FTP
  • 5x E-Mail-Addresses
  • 1x Subdomain

  • [/quote]


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