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Another Beta-Update
Written by Unknown on 23.09.2007 Time 10:39

All of the gamers and Valve benefit from the beta-phase. With the numerous bugreports, which were sent in by you, Valve can delete the bugs out of the game much faster.
Another Team Fortress 2 Beta Patch was released which should fix some reasons for game-crashes. Here is the changelog:
  • Removed background map due to incompatibilities
  • Optimized sound system
  • Fixed a Direct3d device restore problem causing crash and/or black screen
  • Fixed Windows Vista crash bug
  • Fixed achievement manager crash
  • Fixed occasional sniper zoom crash

There’s still some time left until the release of the game on the 10th of October for making sure that all gamers are going to experience solid and relaxed gaming. We, the one’s who have preordered the game, should see ourselves as pioneers :)


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