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Will Friendly Fire be banished?
Written by Unknown on 26.09.2007 Time 09:48

Rumors are going around again, this time they deal with a possible ban of friendly fire. According to a Forum Posting in the Halflife2.net message boards, Robin Walker, lead developer of Team Fortress 2, said:

[quote]TF2 was never intended to be played with FF on. It was an oversight that the convar was left in. It'll be going away shortly.[/quote]

Moreover, an unnamed Valve employer is supposed to have stated the following quote after joining a friendly fire enabled server:

[quote]every time a server sets FF on, an angel weeps.[/quote]

Due to this information being only from a single forum posting, its validity is unclear. TFPortal.de will stay tuned to the story! In the meantime, tell us your view on friendly fire in the comments or our polls!


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