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ESL TF2 Countdown Cup: The winner is...
Written by Unknown on 01.10.2007 Time 09:01

In a very entertaining Match the German clan Team-renoX was able to defeat Clan Troopers Finland, who had beaten them earlier in the tournament and thus pushed them into the loserbracket.

The match took place on the maps ctf_2fort, cp_well and cp_granary. After Troopers' clear victory on ctf_2fort (4:1) they were already on the verge of success by leading 2:0 on cp_well, but Team-renoX faught back, came to a 2:2 draw and forced this map to overtime.
After winning the overtime, the third map, cp_granary, had to decide the map, which it did: Team-renoX won it clearly.

TFportal.de congratulates both teams for their success!


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