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High resolution Textures
Written by Unknown on 03.10.2007 Time 13:58

The official release of Team Fortress 2 is coming close. Valve is still busy fixing several bugs and game crashes. With the beta-update #6 some other things were added too. Players can now choose the ‘very high’ option for their textures in the video settings.

  • Added "Very High" texture resolution option
  • Added "Minimal HUD" option to Options->Multiplayer
  • Fixed headshots not always registering for crouched players
  • Fixed player interpolation bug that caused jittery player animation in some cases
  • Fixed rare crash when players exited water
  • Fixed server crash related to Spy sappers
  • Fixed overlapping UI elements in Options->Video->Advanced
  • Fixed non-English language text overlapping in a few places
  • Fixed players being able to use spectator points in dustbowl that were not in play
  • Removed "listdeaths" command that could be abused by clients

Apart from the high-resolution textures you can find an option to minimize the ingame-menu in the options for Multiplayer. And also, Valve released the ‘Meet the Heavy Video’ in a Russian version.


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