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ESL - TFPortal.de becomes Coveragepartner of TF2
Written by Unknown on 04.10.2007 Time 15:36

Only five days and a little bit more until the official release of the Orange Box. At first you will only be able to purchase it from Valve’s selling-platform Steam.

A lot of clans, leagues and websites are preparing themselves for Team Fortress 2. The ESL already provided a good overview of what’s possible in TF2-competition with their two TF2-Beta-Cups.

To provide a good coverage, the Electronic Sports League chose us as one of their partners for Team Fortress 2.

[quote]If you are looking for up-to-date news for Team Fortress then TeamFortress2.de is one of the first addresses where you can strike it rich. That’s why we are going to enlist this community site as one of the coverage-partners for the Electronic Sports League. Doesn’t matter if it’s Fortress Forever, Team Fortress Classic or the newest offset, Team Fortress 2, you can find everything you need on TeamFortress2.de. We are happy to announce that we can present the german TF-source as one of our official coverage-partners for our TF2-section. In this sense: ‘We’re looking forward to a good and long lasting collaboration!”[/quote]

The TFPortal is looking forward to this task. We will inform you about the newest events concerning Team Fortress 2 in the ESL and we will publish facts and hot news about the clans that participate.

We’re looking forward to a good collaboration!


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