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Written by Unknown on 05.10.2007 Time 13:04

Not only we from TFPortal.de but also many other community websites, league websites and clan pages deal with Team Fortress 2 these days.

The well-know online gaming clan Ocrana
has started a poll on their website dealing with the question which game they should become active in in the future, with the following options: CoD 4, UT 3, RtCW 2, SC 2, STFU 5 and - Team Fortress 2.

To the voting

Also the World Cyber Games (WCG) are thinking about providing a TF2 league in the year 2008, you can vote for that as well:

To the voting

We from TFPortal.de also like to get to know your opinion, but our last Poll has not resulted in a clear mood of the group. 40.88% of you were perfectly fine with Valve's decision to take Friendly Fire out of the game, 45.95% would like to leave this decision to the gameserver admins, and 13.18% of you think that Friendly Fire should be even enforced on all servers.
With our new poll we'd like to find out how many of you have already played Team Fortress 2 - Do you take part in the TF2 Beta?


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