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New Team Fortress 2 Beta Update
Written by Unknown on 06.10.2007 Time 16:24

Just a few days till the official release Valve is still fixing bugs. Now they published update number seven.

  • Fixed certain crashes with paged pool memory
  • Added a warning for when paged pool memory is low
  • Fixed some prediction errors with player avoidance
  • Fixed columns and row bunching up in server browser
  • Fixed a rare bug where the wrong launcher.dll was being used to launch the game
  • Fixed teleporter/spawn doorway exploit

This update fixes a teleporter bug were people get stucked. Valve also found another crash-bug which should be fixed with the latest patch.

We are sorry that a few of our latest news aren't translated in english. We will do that soon. Our translaters are pretty busy at the moment. Sorry!


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