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Beta Update #8 and new Video
Written by Unknown on 09.10.2007 Time 12:49

One day before the release of the Orange Box the news are somersaulting again. In what is expected to be the last beta update of Team Fortress 2 Valve fixed (among others) a mini-gun exploit with which the Heavy could run around normally while firing his weapon. Also sudden death will only be played in case that both teams tied.

Overview of the changes:

  • Fixed Heavy minigun exploit
  • Team Goals panels stop appearing after you've played a map several times
  • At map time limit, Sudden Death now only kicks in if teams are drawn
  • Sudden Death only starts in CTF mode if both flags are at home
  • Team Fortress 2 stats are only gathered when playing a real game
  • Added the player class counts in the class selection dialog
  • Various fixes to localized text

Valve also released a new video which is named Meet the Demoman. It has not been officially released by Valve yet, nevertheless it already appeared on the internet. If you want to take a look at this new video, you will find a link below.


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