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ESL Ladderstart plus Release Cup
Written by Unknown on 09.10.2007 Time 13:29

Shortly before the start of the Orange Box our partner Electronic Sports League starts the official Team Fortress 2 Ladder. The matches are going to be played on all the official maps of the beta without sudden death or overtime. It might be interesting for you to hear, that the ladder will not be restarted once the game has been released.

Our colleagues also prepared a ‘Release Cup’. You can already sign up for this event. If you haven’t joined a team yet you can do so until the 21st of October because that’s how much time you still have until the signups close.

Map Settings
ctf_2fort & cp_well & cp_granary

- Each of the maps will be played with a time-limit of 30 minutes.
- If the match is tied then it will count as a tie and has to be reported as such.

Cp_dustbowl & cd_gravelpit

- Every team will play as attacker and defender twice. The team with the highest score in the end wins.
- If the match is tied after the four played rounds then it will count as a tie.



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