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Another Update & Meet the Demo Screens + Download
Written by Unknown on 10.10.2007 Time 01:50

Some of you might have noticed by starting Steam, that Valve published another update (no.9) right before the release. This shortens the list of bugs in Team Fortress 2 even more.

All of the changes in an overview:
  • Improved driver checks for various cards that can have problems with specific driver versions
  • Various updates to Russian and Polish localization
  • Spies can no longer reload their revolver while cloaked
  • Demomen grenades now collide with players and Engineer buildings after the first bounce, but still won't explode on contact
  • Improved startup network initialization to catch issues with server firewalls popping up in the background
  • Fixed loading screen and intro movie showing up on Windows Vista with full screen AA
  • Fixed a sound corruption issue which could cause audio popping
  • Fixed achievement storage issues that caused a problem with the Head of the Class achievement

From now on the grenades of the Demoman will collide with the characters or the machines of the Engineer after they hit the floor. As usual they will only explode on direct hits. Apart from this the possibility of the Spy, to reload his gun while being camouflaged, was removed.

As reported yesterday, a new video of a class was published. Though you couldn’t download it from anywhere yet. Until now! From now on you are allowed to download it to your PC.

TF2 - Meet the Demo TF2 - Meet the Demo
TF2 - Meet the Demo TF2 - Meet the Demo

As usual you will find more screenshots in our Screenshot-gallery.


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