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Figh7Cup - Team Fortress 2 5on5
Written by Unknown on 16.10.2007 Time 18:58

Team Fortress 2 is being played extensively for several weeks now. Buyers of the retail-version will have the possibility to join the action from Thursday on.

The first clans and teams have been founded already and the first leagues start with their ladders and tournaments.

Our colleagues from FC7-Network are also starting a Team Fortress 2 tournament. Matches will be played 5vs5 on these maps:
  • ctf_2fort
  • cp_well
  • cp_granary – Every map will be played with a time limit of 20 minutes.
  • cp_dustbowl
  • cp_gravelpit – Every team will be the attacker and defender once.

The sign-ups have already started. The event will begin on October, 28th at 10pm with a double elimination mode.

Besides of the fame, the three best clans will win prizes: .
  • 1st place
    5x Sennheiser PC 165
  • 2nd place
    5x Razer DeathAdder, USB + 5x Halflife2 Longsleeve Shirt
  • 3rd place
    5x Halflife2 Mousepad + 5x Halflife2 Basecap

We wish good luck and lots of fun to all participants in this tourney.

Apart from this cup there are several ladders open in the Electronic Sports League which all clans should join.


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