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Doug Lombardi Interview
Written by Unknown on 16.10.2007 Time 19:15

Primarily this interview would belong into the CS-section. Nevertheless TF2 is mentioned several times and we wouldn’t be a good TF-2 site if we wouldn’t pay some attention to this.

Apart from the future of Counter Strike 1.6 and Source this interview deals about the transfer-rights of CS, in-game advertisements, and the general enthusiasm of the players about Team Fortress 2.

The people from readmore.de posed several interesting questions towards Doug Lombardi. For example they questioned Valve’s press spokesman about the eSport suitability of Team Fortress 2.

readmore.de: Right now you started Team Fortress 2. Do you think TF2 will also be played on a competitive level of eSports?

Doug Lombardi: We built the game to be fun and have a lot to adapt to. I think it's a great game to play and we are seeing it work really well. The eSports fan reaction during the beta has been fantastic. Who knows what happens? If any tournament organizers are willing to use it in the next seasons, we would be happy.[/quote]

We at TFPortal.de are very confident about Team Fortess 2’s potential, just like Doug Lombardi. We are looking towards an auroral future and we think that Team Fortress 2 will guarantee for a lot of hot news. Especially in the eSports area about which we will care even more in the future.


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