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Some Questions
Written by Unknown on 18.10.2007 Time 12:50

With regard to the starting leagues we ask ourselves several questions. Is Team Fortress 2 suitable for leagues and clans. Are integrated features like critical hits and the respawn timer subserving fair matches? In which mode should Team Fortress 2 be played – 8vs8, 6vs6, 12vs12 or maybe some other constellation?

About the latter we started our newest poll in the Steam-forum and also created a thread in the forums for discussions. We hope that a lot of you will take part so that we can present an oratorical result. Of course you can also post your opinion in the comments.

Critical hits are based on a fixed value. Depending on if someone plays good or bad this value will increase or decrease. At least that’s how it was explained to us. A result from this would be that good players should be able to deliver a critical hit more often than bad players. Is this fair? Wouldn’t good clans be preferred with this? Since the critical hit system is still quite opaque, we hope that Valve will give us a satisfying answer soon.

Regarding the respawn timer opinions are drifting apart since the first publication of Team Fortress 2 Beta. On some public servers the respawn time was reduced which made it harder for the teams to reach the game’s objectives. If the respawn time would be removed then the game principle of Team Fortress 2 wouldn’t be working anymore.

It isn’t clear yet for us TFC-fans how those features will affect the clanmatches. The respawn timer should definitely not be waived to guarantee the game-fluency.

We will stay tuned and we will try to step on some feet concerning these and other areas of Valve’s game.


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