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Written by Unknown on 18.10.2007 Time 23:56

Despite all the fuss that's being made about the newest Team Fortress family member (TF2) these days, we don't forget about the fans of good old Team Fortress Classic.
Thus today we've added 84 maps to the TFC Map Download Section, which makes up to a total of 212 TFC maps now.

Among these are fun maps, 1on1 maps, practice maps, conc- and rocket jump maps, sports maps, capture the flag maps, complete map packs and many more.

==> Have a look! <==

The Team Fortress 2 Maps Download Section should not be sneezed at as well, as it contains of 18 maps already after only a months since the TF2 beta has started!


tfc - well0003.jpg - thumbnail tfc - well0002.jpg - thumbnail tfc - well0001.jpg - thumbnail
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