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Official Team Fortress 2 T-Shirts
Written by Unknown on 21.10.2007 Time 15:19

Team Fortress 2 happens to be a gamer magnet. So Valve decided to supply their Online-Store with TF2 T-Shirts.

The offer includes four differenz motives: Starting with the Heavy-Guy striking his Gun in the sky. Then we have a greeting Soldier, a Spy in a typical "James Bond" pose and a by the Pyro.

Team Fortress 2 - T-ShirtsTeam Fortress 2 - T-Shirts

Team Fortress 2 - T-ShirtsTeam Fortress 2 - T-Shirts

The only problem is, that the shop delivery the T-Shirts out of the United States, so the shipping costs amount 27 Dollar. After this, you have to pay the vat.
Paying is only allowed with Paypal or credit card.


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