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Need some ideas for Halloween?
Written by Unknown on 22.10.2007 Time 21:02

Team Fortress 2 isn’t only fascinating on PC or the console. The game fancies a lot of people from other areas, too.

The community is delighted by Valve’s t-shirts and ordered a lot of them but soon there will be Halloween. Halloween isn’t celebrated in Germany as excessively as in other countries but nevertheless the effort of two American citizens is worth mentioning.

Screenshots of two Halloween-costumes were published in the steam-forum. The users used the appearance of the Scout and Heavy Guy as their pattern for their costumes. The factor of recognition of the scout costume is remarkable. For the Heavy Guy costume they rebuilt Sasha, his beloved minigun, in a lovingly way.

You can find additional screenshots and the complete discussion if you head over to the
thread in the steam-forum.


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