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Censorship of the German version
Written by Unknown on 23.10.2007 Time 14:44

Everybody who buys the Orange Box in a shop or via steam is confronted with censorship of Team Fortress 2. Enemies metamorphose themselves into cuddly toys, slices of salami or other weird things after getting eliminated. Valve implemented this as a funny feature, but a lot of TF2-buyers aren’t really amused of Valve’s infantilizing. Eventually, players, who are of age, should be able to decide if they rather want to see blood or a pile of toys.

The only solution to this so far has been to order the UK/US-version of the game, to the sorrow of all those that already bought the pre-release version to take part in the TF2-beta or to save some euros.

Our colleagues from gbase.ch asked steam-support about this matter and received a surprising answer:

“If you decide to register a UK/US version with your account, please contact us after the receipt of your import and we will reimburse your steam-purchase of the DE-version.”

gbase.ch warns nevertheless:

Before you go ahead and buy an import-version, contact steam-support and clarify the situation with them personally.


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