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Admin plug-in for TF2 Server and more...
Written by Unknown on 25.10.2007 Time 16:51

Because of the missing SDK’s (Server Developer Kit) for Team Fortress 2 it is very hard to create plug-ins for the game, especially if you try to develop really profound admin-plug-ins.

Mani, a well known coder for admin-plug-ins, did it nevertheless. His Add-on is very popular with counter-strike players and server-administrators. Now he ported it over to Team Fortress 2 and made it available for download. The most recent version is V1.2s Orange and is still in beta.

With this add-on it will be possible for players and mainly admins to execute commands comfortably in-game instead of using the console.


A curiosity within the plug-ins was discovered by out forum-user priceless: a party mod for TF2. Inbetween balloons and streamers the teams are fighting against each other with party-hats on.


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