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The TF2 History
Written by Unknown on 25.10.2007 Time 20:13

Team Fortress 2 is being played until one is blue in the face. Most of the players think that the gameplay is quite successful and are happy that Valve’s concept is based on fun and comical scenes.

But how did they get to this concept? The process of this is explained by our colleagues of readmore.de. Eleven years of waiting time, which a lot of you had to overcome are summarized and all the important details are presented compactly.

In the year 1998, when Half-Life appeared on the market, VALVe contacted three developers and hired them to keep on working on Team Fortress 2 on the basis of the Half-Life-engine. This is the first time that this name is mentioned officially. Nine years before the actual release. To make it easier to get over the waiting time and to show the modding community how easy it is to create mods for Half-Life, they ported the already existing Quake-mod over to Half-Life. Team Fortress Classic (TFC) was born.

Now the developers made first announcements about what we can expect from Team Fortress 2. The game should have a multiplayer-mode in which both teams shouldn’t be battling against each other directly but beat the enemy by fulfilling objectives. Different scenarios were presented and they already looked as if they were ready to be played. Several screenshots and motion-pictures were showing a team which was escorting a convoy across a bridge while an engineer of the other team attached a warhead to one of the bases of the bridge. Besides the trucks which could be moved around individually, there also was supposed to be a helicopter and other vehicles which could drop you in the battlefield.

If you’re currently taking a break of Team Fortress 2 then you should pay attention to this article.


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