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Interview with TF-Founder
Written by Unknown on 25.10.2007 Time 20:58

Who ever wanted to know more about Team Fortress founder and Valve developer Robin Walker should now take a look. ModCenter.com (IGN) asked some nice and interessting question about the background of Robin Walker.

With the interview you can get some details about the first Team Fortress, why he and his team started to develop a mod and how he became a staff member of Valve.

ModCenter: What is the single largest obstacle you encountered during your modding days, and how did you overcome it?

Walker: I think the largest one we faced is still one of the largest ones that mod makers face today, and that's a problem of distribution. Back then, players had to hear about TF from other players, find the web page, download the zip & unzip it into the right place, find a 3rd party server browser, and finally find a TF server to play on. On top of that, every update to the mod meant you'd have to do it again. Often there'd be different servers running different versions of the same mod. We weren't focused on solving this as much as we should have been, but Valve was, and once we arrived here we were able to contribute to some solutions, like the built-in server browser and mod browser. Still, we've got a ways to go before this is a solved problem for mod makers, and this is one of the things that led to Steam. Ultimately, we want you to be able to easily browse mods, have them automatically installed & updated for you, and never have to worry about anything other than playing them.

The interview is only available in english so no need to get scared by german text :)


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