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TF2 tested by GameCaptain.de
Written by Unknown on 30.10.2007 Time 17:27

If you couldn’t decide yet if you want to buy Team Fortress 2 and if you need to take a look at further tests & opinions, we found another test for you on the internet.

This time our colleagues from GameCaptain worked on a new review. GameCaptain.de rated Team Fortress 2 with 87%. This corresponds with most of the other magazines on the net. TF2 received lots of positive critiques in other reviews. The most often named drawback is the small amount of maps that came with the release.

Learning by doing
Surprisingly the mix of the many classes works perfectly. There’s no grouping which wouldn’t make sense and only a well mixed team is able to win. If you work together well then you receive additional points. For example, if a soldier that has just been healed eliminates an enemy then both, the soldier and the medic, receive a point. The same counts for if you injure an opponent severely and a teammate finishes him off. If you yourself are the victim then a short panning shot will tell you who was responsible for this. If the same opponent kills you repeatedly you have the possibility to take revenge and earn twice as many points for this vendetta.

The comic-strip-look, the balancing of the classes and the gameplay sticked out in a positive way.


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