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Hungry for Custom Maps?
Written by Unknown on 31.10.2007 Time 17:25

Nothing happens? Never ever!

With 6 maps the map choice at Team Fortress 2 is really small. Valve will prevent that a only a few maps will be played always on the TF2 servers and other not.

Therefor a lot of creative mappers work on different custom maps for Team Fortress 2. In our "TF2-Maps" area you can get 27 maps yet. Most of them have some screenshot too. So you can get a better preview. The newest maps will get some screenshots in the next days.

A big thanks to our member DW|Hero who informed us about a lot of new custom maps out there. We looking forward to your advices about next upcoming maps.

If you would like to discuss about the different custom maps head over to our custom map thread in the forum.

We also would like to know what we can prefer in our english site section. We want to give you good informations in english too. Feel free to tell us your ideas and opinions.


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